Tuesday, December 1, 2009

nate ruess is good clean holiday fun.

I just thought since it's Tuesday...a day so buried in insignificance...we could all use something to dance around to. The kind of dancing where you're glad it's only the mirror and your dog that witness it. You need a special kind of bubbly beat to accomplish that kind of wiggle. And why not use the Brad Pitt-esque (from River Runs Through It time period) Nate Ruess' newest project, Fun.? Fun. was formed back in 2008, but their album Aim and Ignite wasn't released until this past August. The former The Format frontman clearly isn't done supplying the world with some well constructed pop albums.

Fun. is exactly what it sounds like. Nate Ruess took where The Format left off, and ran with it, honing his love for clever songs that are engaging and energetic without feeling too false in their bopiness. Take the bit:

You're all that I need/Please don't make me face my generation alone


Also for your listening FUN, they've released a holiday single just for you. And me. Mainly me. I mean...the holidays are mainly about me. Please start thinking about what gifts you'll get me. And no, I do not think that cash is a bad gift. Because I have excellent taste.

Believe in Me- Fun.

Dance along, weekday folks! Only a few more days until you can let loose and go chase down the dreams you're still holding onto in that bouncing, singing heart of yours!

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