Friday, December 4, 2009

emily neveu just broke my heart

I woke up this morning to another frozen, but deceptively sunny, day. And all I wanted to do was lay on my back, close my tired eyes, and listen to something that would warm me. Emily Neveu was ready to help me with that.

Now if you're a fan at all of Calico Horse or Indian Moon, you've heard Emily's swinging, lullaby like voice seep into all your cracks before.

What I can't get enough of is how her sound is so patient, and knowing. Her voice tests the temperature of the air holding the notes, and pushes just gently enough so they carry right to the part of you that needs a little understanding. The sliding harmonies building on The Sun sound just like what a sun burst in slow motion would want to sound like. Big, fiery arcs emitting more than you want to handle, but everything you want to bask in.

It's warm, it's heart achingly paced; she doesn't rush through the most clearly haunting tones. Instead, Emily Neveu draws them out, so they keep slipping through you even when there's no more fresh input.

Stay warm.

The Sun- Emily Neveu

And...just for another reference on how Calico Horse can make a great version of an already great song.

Idioteque (Radiohead)- Calico Horse

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