Sunday, September 5, 2010

laura marling: ghosts

I love this song.

It's full of rich storytelling, unbelievably heart wrenching honesty, and absolutely knock out melodic beauty.

I like songs that aren't new that always sound it.

If you don't know the enormously talented, precocious young Laura Marling, please listen to her March release, I Speak Because I Can. One of my favorite albums of the year thus far. And she remains in my list of favorite songstresses, as highlighted by this song that is off her 2007 release, Alas I Cannot Swim. Now go enjoy your night!

I love the live video, and the recorded track. Maybe you should, too.

Laura Marling [feat. Marcus Mumford]- Ghosts

Friday, September 3, 2010


I woke up in a messy mood today. The day just called for me to not brush my hair, and to shake around with air drums and air guitar to music full of bare foot, grinning feeling.

I am very happy I was called back to Slow Animal, the New Jersey duo that pumps out spacious, echoing, grimy rock that conjures images of boys learning to play guitar for the first time and realizing all the cool noises they could make.

I'm very excited they have released their 7" of the following video's track, "theFUNsun", along with the equally jaggedly catching song "Saturday Mourning." Hurry up and get it, there are limited quantities. Meanwhile, let down your hair, open the blinds, and go wild. No one's watching...(except maybe your neighbor with all those Chia pets in the window).

Slow Animal - theFUNsun from JAXART Records on Vimeo.

theFUNsun- Slow Animal