Sunday, December 6, 2009

a cover for a snow covered world

Were you aware that Eddie Vedder could make you want to squeal by dedicating a lovely Tom Waits song to his wife in Italian? I was not. But apparently, without my knowledge, he did just that in 2006 at a show in Milan.

Eddie's familiar voice does Tom Waits justice as he warms the whole atmosphere with tangible sincerity, telling us that he'll love her until the wheels fall off. The perfect way that Waits has of telling the world his most raw thoughts in unapologetic language, and without any cliches, has never failed to capture me. I'm glad to hear Pearl Jam take his work to heart, and give it back to a whole room full of warm and waiting pulses.

Since my car and life are blanketed in snow, I thought a different sort of a cover would bring the blood back to my fingers and toes. I was right.

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