Thursday, December 31, 2009

good night, and good luck

I normally attach an MP3 to my posts, but I decided on this, the last night of 2009, I would attach some honesty.

I'm in Costa Rica with my large and very present family, enjoying the surf, the sun, and the monkeys. I've taken long hikes, long horse back rides, long naps, and longer meals. I've cried (we'll get to that), I've laughed, and I even got a Swedish massage. It's been a welcome end to a very unwelcoming year.

2009 was not great. I just felt the need to put that in some sort of more concrete medium than my windy, cyclonic thoughts. 2009 was not wonderful. But I find it amazing that even in such an unwonderful year, I experienced some splendid times of buoyant hope, and almost painfully beautiful moments of true living.

So with the blue moon, a mysteriously gorgeous occurance, shining overhead I will dance on the beach with my family, the people who have seen me through better and worse times than these. And I'm actually getting excited to sweep up after 2009's rowdy upheaval, and see what appears on the surface of the new year.