Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the soft pack and coachella line up (i called it!)

San Diego's The Soft Pack did not always have such a damn cuddly name. In fact, somehow, the most press this stunning band has gotten was about their name change from The Muslims to The Soft Pack. From being called racist, to being called sell-outs, they managed to not only retain their musical capabilities, but their sense of humor. In their official statement about the change, the band remarked:

"I guess there was some confusion as to whether we are 'fucking gay, corporate sell outs. Don't fret! We are still broke as ever and paying for the band out of our own pockets. Just like back in the day!"

But what I really want to bring to your attention is the great music these newly named broke renegades are putting out under their fresh moniker.

Their sun streaked, post punk sound produces a tight debut album on Kemado Records, to be released on February 2, that snarls and drives through barely thirty minutes of tunes. I never listened to The Muslims, but maybe my unbiased ears are better for it. Right now The Soft Pack is whirling around the country supporting their new album, even stopping on David Letterman to promote it. Woahhh success!!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, the band is offering to play at someone's house. So if you have a venue attached to your kitchenette, let these guys know! And then invite me. And pay for my plane ticket.

C'Mon- The Soft Pack

Oh...Coachella line up totally announced. WHO CALLED PAVEMENT? Excuse me while I turn on the song above and do a victory head bang.

The line up looks fantastic. Check it.
This is one festival that is going to save the world just based on the fall out from radioactive awesome.

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