Thursday, January 14, 2010

and you know it's gonna be a good start

I am a fan of small bands getting the ears they deserve through the infectious hyping that happens on this grand, floating interweb. So when I stumbled across a burgeoning band from Oxford, Mississippi through the delightful blog, i guess i'm floating, I just had to spread their talent so they can eventually come reciprocate with a live show up here.

Young Buffalo
carries themselves with a reverberating, Fleet Foxes-like aesthetic. What caught me off guard was their expressiveness. There's a certain desperation in the vocals; a crazed freedom that is barely held together at the seams. Fast traveling Americana composition rounds it out to create a searing and all together wonderful thing.

Did I mention they've only been playing together since June?

Their MySpace page outlines their goals:

"Goal 1: Make good music Goal 2: Not be doosh-like."

New Beat- Young Buffalo

Catapilah- Young Buffalo

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