Wednesday, March 3, 2010

why i am jealous of ireland

Ireland will be receiving So Runs the World Away, the transcendent Josh Ritter's new album, a full week and change before the rest of the world. I may apply for citizenship.

To slake my ever growing appetite for Ritter's music, I've been playing video versions of his new songs. And they sound just as unbelievably monumental and true and pure as I could ever dream.

Look at his face while he plays perched on a picnic table, singing to the flickering candles, and giving off a joyful glow himself. He remains in my mind as one of the most significant songwriters around, and any time I see him perform I am reminded of his captivating ability to make a four minute song reveal more than multiple years of higher education. His music just swallows me right up, until my eyes dance and my heart forgets just how to be jaded.

"Orbital"- Backstage at Admiralspalast, Berlin

The picture used above was taken in the winter of 2009, and I just love how straightforward it is. You can see the gray in his stubble, the laugh lines around his mouth, and there is no attempt to airbrush all signs of life away. It's a portrait of a man who tells the truth, and those who have listened to him do it are itching to hear how it will sound next.


  1. Oh, a serious AMEN to everything above. I can't wait for that album.

  2. love love love.

    and: NICE pic choice! ;)