Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And I know your mama calls you good for nothin'/she says her baby's a failure and she don't want you callin'

Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm are a band from Salt Lake City, UT that I had never heard of until today.

And yet they have been occupying my earspace (and heartspace) nonstop since I heard their soul stripping, bare bones cover of Kathleen Edwards' "Six O'Clock News" this afternoon.

There are some voices that sound like a good friend drawing the curtains closed and holding you while you break down. The voices that can soar through the tiny cracks we've allowed to form in our armor. I believe Paul Jacobsen has one of these voices. I think he'll be joining me for my day to day adventures much more now.

Six O'Clock News (Kathleen Edwards)- Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm

For a crack at the original:

Six O'Clock News- Kathleen Edwards

Their self-titled album, Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm, was released in 2008. However, this recording is from a Black Sessions EP recorded "live on a bleak winter day."

Thanks to my friend Heather's reaction to the eviscerating song, I learned that this marvelous band will be opening for Colin Hay in Salt Lake on July 31. Check it out if you can!


  1. i sure wish we (the madison arm) were as handsome as fictionist (pictured above). either way, thanks for the kind words

  2. Mighty sorry gentlemen! I think your shining faces tie the whole post together.

  3. Thank you, Kathleen! So happy you like the song. The Other Kathleen writes such great, heartbreaking songs. It's really an honor that you would feel what we felt in the song.