Thursday, October 22, 2009

brand new mexican morning

So I'm on an adventure for a few days, with one of my greatest pals. We're going to ramshackle all over this New Mexican frontier, and listen to some rad tunes to top it all off. My contribution to our first listen in the car was Gregory Alan Isakov. I think I consider it some sort of cosmic obligation to put on his albums when my iPod is the Chosen One. I had to play one of my favorite driving tunes; a song that makes the yellow blurring lines seem like friendly percussion for the tripping guitar line. As we watch the Sandias rise in front of our tiny popcan car, they hold all the soaring fantasy that Gregory weaves, and welcome us to make it come true. We packed lunch, so we'll have time to do that.

I'm saving all my sleep for another life.

Virginia May- Gregory Alan Isakov feat. Brandi Carlile

Gregory Alan Isakov recently spent time in Colorado for some incredible shows. If you weren't lucky enough to snag a live listen, I implore you to find out when you can see and hear him for yourself. His most recent album, which the aforelinked song is from, This Empty Northern Hemisphere, features the haunting voice of Brandi Carlile, but I have yet to see her sing with day.

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  1. Gregory Alan Isakov just played here with Ani Difranco.